Day 21: You were born to Succeed!


Read It

The format of lessons 14-21 are to give you an inspired quote, and then some food for thought. The main goal is to carefully read the quote, and think about the things highlighted in the thought question. May God bless you in your journey today. 

"Educate yourselves for a purpose. Keep in view the highest standard, that you may accomplish greater and still greater good, thus reflecting the glory of God.—The Youth's Instructor, January 25, 1910

  • This process requires us to educate ourselves via the study of His Wordand any other field that God has called us to.
  • We need to keep the highest standardbefore us, Christ and his mission.
  • God wants us to increase our good works toward him one step a time, ever increasing.
  • As we look unto Jesus, we will be reflecting Jesus more and more, until we become just like Him!

Action Plan

[  ] Choose your education in reference to God and His will for your life. He knows what is best for you, so don't hesitate to ask Him!

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