Day 20: Putting It All Into Perspective!


Read It

The format of lessons 14-21 are to give you an inspired quote, and then some food for thought. The main goal is to carefully read the quote, and think about the things highlighted in the thought question. May God bless you in your journey today.  

Your time, your influence, your capabilities, your skill—all must be accounted for to Him who gives all.... Persevere in the work that you have begun, until you gain victory after victory."

  • All we have belongs to God, do you believe this?
  • If this is really true, what are you doing with your timeinfluence,capabilities and skills?
  • Remember, that we all will have to give account to God for the use of all entrusted to us.
  • As we decide to use our all to God, remember that it is done one victory as a time. One step at a time, God will give us victory!

Action Plan

[  ] Remember to be respectful to the Lord in everything you do! Everything you have belongs to him, and He is your Creator and friend.

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