Day 19: Dealing with mistakes and falls


Read It

The format of lessons 14-21 are to give you an inspired quote, and then some food for thought. The main goal is to carefully read the quote, and think about the things highlighted in the thought question. May God bless you in your journey today. 

 "If you have made mistakes, you certainly gain a victory if you see these mistakes and regard them as beacons of warning. Thus you turn defeat into victory, disappointing the enemy and honoring your Redeemer.—Christ's Object Lessons, 331, 332."

  • In order to "see" these defects, we need to spend time understanding how Satan allured us to sin.
  • In order to "regard them as beacons of warnings", we must incorporate them into the road of life. Just like a warning sign tells us about impending danger, we need these falls to become the warning signs, so that we do not fall into them again.

Who we are going honor, God who died for us and wants to give us eternal life, or Satan, the one who wants us to die with him eternally?

  • Deuteronomy 30:15choose life or death... therefore choose life!

Action Plan

[ ] Whenever you fall, ask the Lord to help you, and get right up! Pray and He will grant you your request.

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