How much time should you spend on the internet?

How much time should you spend on the internet?

How much time should you spend on the internet? That's a hard question to answer, in this article we will discuss how much time you should spend on the internet.

 Since 2000, time spent online every week by an average American has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6. Of that, time spent surfing the internet at home has risen from 3.3 to 17.6 hours a week over the same period. That’s a lot of screen time, but is it really that healthy?

According to new research from this year, staring at screens for too long could make us less happy. The study, published in the journal Emotion, was led by psychologists at San Diego State University. It found, through a national survey of over a million 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders that teenagers who were glued to their smartphones and computers were noticeably unhappier.

In the survey, the students were asked about how long they spend on their phones, tablets, and computers, and also about their in-person interactions, and how happy they were overall.

Last year, Psychotherapist Allison Abrams told Business Insider that problems tend to arise on social media when people are already struggling with depression or anxiety, or are not satisfied with their lives in some way. These people are much more vulnerable to negative effects of social media, whereas others may not find it so bad, or may even find it beneficial.

"If you use social media primarily to maintain long-distance friendships or to stay connected socially, this will be less likely to apply to you," Abrams said. "On the other hand, if you spend most of your time scrolling through your newsfeed checking out other people's lives and compare them to your own, you become more at risk of developing (or having worsening) symptoms of depression or anxiety. This is especially so in those with low self-esteem."

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Ideal Screen Time is One Hour Each Day

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