How it Works?


Step 1

Sign up and activate your subscription

The user creates its own account and chooses a accountability partner (AP). If the user cannot find an accountability partner, they will be put on waiting mode until one is found.

Step 2



The user then installs the software into their computer or phone. This is the time for the user and the accountability partner to get together and decide what is allowed and what is not. So how do I install it? The general steps are in our knowledge base.


WebFilter has two main restriction modes: 

 1. White-list mode: Only allows the approved list of websites. You can only go to websites listed.  

 2. Accountability mode: The default mode if not in white-list mode, reports a summary by hour of where the time was spent and what was done.

Step 3

Retrain your brain!

Set Me Free! is a free program which works hand in hand with WebFilter to all the parties involved to learn... 
  • How to find divine help to be successful in life.
  • Learn the "why" as to what we allow ourselves is very important and how it affects us. 
  • Create an action plan for a focused life. 
Both the end user and the AP are enrolled into a 21 days program called, Set me Free! This Program has required sections of reading and thought questions that need to be answered daily.

Let us help you navigate the waters...

of the internet with WebFilter! You are not alone in this.